File buff & polish €12
File buff & french €15
Mini manicure €24

The mini manicure consists of a file buff and polish

of the nails with cuticle work. Perfect for a quick fix.



Luxurious manicure €32

Enjoy an hour long treatment to give your hands some TLC. Firstly the nails are filed and buffed. A gentle scrub is applied to exfoliate any dead skin from the surface of the hands and to soften cuticles. Cuticles are pushed back and trimmed. The hands are then massaged with a beautiful hand balm and then are filed and polished to finish the look.


Deluxe manicure €45

If your hands need an overhaul this treatment is for you.  The deluxe manicure incorporates every step of the luxurious manicure but with the added benefits of heated mittens to infuse a rich hand mask into the deeper layers of the skin to promote ultimate hydration and restoration of the skin. A luxurious hand massage balm is then used to massage the hand and arm. The nails are then polished with a colour of your choice.


Mini pedicure €30

The mini pedicure begins with soaking the feet in peppermint oil which has a calming effect on the body. The cuticles are then pushed back and trimmed and the nails are filed, buffed and polished.


Luxurious pedicure €40

Our luxurious pedicure begins with soaking the feet the soften cuticles and to relax the entire body. The jets promote a jacuzzi style foot bath to really soothe and comfort tired ,aching feet. The nails are then trimmed and filed to your desired shape and length. After buffing the nails a foot scrub is applied to begin the exfoliation process. When the cuticle work is complete a dead skin removal process is used to eliminate unwanted hard skin from the feet. WIth a body butter your feet are massaged to hydrate the skin and more importantly to promote much needed relaxation. From here the nails are buffed and polished to leave the feet both looking and feeling amazing.


Deluxe pedicure €50

This is the ultimate treat for feet!!! 75 min of pure relaxation… Your toenails will be shaped, buffed and the cuticles tidied; using a pumice your Therapist will then work on removing any hard skin you may have. Your skin will be thoroughly exfoliated removing dead skin cells revealing a brighter more even skin tone. This is followed with a blissful, relaxing massage of your feet and lower legs. Next your feet will be wrapped in warm heated booties which deeply hydrates the skin and helps to increase the circulation to your feet bringing oxygen to the skin leaving them feeling softer and smoother. To finish off  this deluxe treatment a polish of your choice is applied to your toenails and you will float away with your feet feeling totally refreshed, revived  and lighter.


Callus peel 
add on to pedicure €10 extra

This gentle, pain-free, yet effective treatment is designed to be added to any of our pedicures. Skin softener is applied and covered for 15 minutes. This effectively softens and dissolves hard skin so then calluses are simply peeled away leaving smoother, softer skin! Recommended for anyone who suffers with dry, cracked or calloused feet.


Shellac/Gelish €25

2 week manicure, a necessity for any special occasion or holidays


Shellac removal €10